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Statistics and Probability Grade 8

Hook 1 8.SP.A.1

Prompt: Match Column A with the correct graph in Column B. Explain.

The graphs provided allow students to consider association (both positive and negative), clusters and outliers. The idea of association is key to students' understanding of scatter plots and lines of best fit. This hook shows both strong and weak associations in relationships that students can relate to so that students can begin to define association in their own word within the explanation of their match selections. 

If students struggle with articulating their ideas consider using sentence frames to get them to write their ideas out.

"I believe Graph _ matches to Age and ______ because....". Often the process of writing elongates thinking and allows students to be more metacognitive. 

Video: Accuracy of Scientific Studies (4.26)

Hook 1 8.SP.A.2

Prompt: Describe the method used to draw each line of best fit. Which do you believe is best?

This hook is another pre-emptive strike against common errors. Line A, draws the line that connects the mosts dots. Although it hits more points than the other lines, it is a poor predictor of the data given. Line C connects the first data point to the last. This is a more accurate line than A but is still clearly less accurate than Line B. Line B attempts to come as close as it can to as many points as it can. It is purposefully drawn to not intersect any of the data points in order to prioritize coming close to as many points as possible over hitting specific or numerous points.

Video: Can Math Predict the Future? (1:43)

Hook 1 8.SP.A.3

Prompt: Which graph is the Business Projection based on?

First and foremost, students are asked to connect the idea of annual growth to the slope of the line. Once they've made this connection the real challenge begins because the graphs don't lend themselves to precision. The graphs' lack of details force students to think a bit more deeply about slope and the most efficient ways to calculate it for each graph. Once the correct graph is chosen, extending the hook to make predictions of profit in future years (i.e. year 20) could deepen students understanding of the line of best fit, its uses and the importance of its slope. 

Video: Predicting Tornadoes (2:25)

Hook 1 8.SP.A.4

Prompt: Complete the table by creating labels and totals.

Students are asked to use the values in the two-way table to create labels and totals to complete the table. No doubt, most students will never have seen a two-way table. Working to construct the table on their own with the clues shown will help them to make sense of how a two-way table is created and the data it provides.

Video: Women in STEM (4:17)